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Webinar Wed. 5/20 2 p.m. ET!

Thank you for your interest in learning more about cloud-based HR systems and how Imaging Office can help you migrate your HR workflows to the cloud and make everything about your job easier and faster! 

Remember, with cloud-based HR, you can... 

  • Go paperless: Enjoy instant visibility into every HR workflow for every employee 
  • Adjust on the fly: With cloud-based HR, it’s no sweat to adjust your HR workflows to the unique needs of every employee 
  • Work remotely: Access your HR workflows from anywhere, from any device 
  • Easily integrate payroll, timekeeping and more: PLUS enjoy amazing ease and efficiency with how you interface with benefit providers, retirement plans, and more 
  • Improve employee support: With cloud-based HR, employees can just submit a ticket to the HR software vendor to get the answers they need...saving you tons of time 
  • Position HR for the long-term: Forget about managing expensive upgrades and maintenance, installation costs, or hidden the cloud, you can automate it all 

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Reducing Paper: The Ultimate transforming your company into a paperless or near-paperless organization. 

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