Recreate the spontaneous interaction and operational ease of being in an office together—virtually!

Although people are staying home, business is still being done, and deals are still being made! Are you set up to properly operate remotely?

Imaging Office Systems can equip your business with a custom-designed remote work solution that allows you to maintain business-as-usual operations, no matter where your people are!

Having a system like this will make you more agile, more mobile...and able to operate at full capacity, whether people are scattered around the world or around town!

Email, text messaging, and popular smart phone apps weren't designed to manage important business documentation like contracts, invoices, receipts, transcripts, technical documentation, and charts, etc. that need to route around your company a certain way.

Your company email program can't scan incoming invoices and route them to the appropriate people for approvals and payment. Our solutions do this AND MORE automatically!

The kinds of remote work and collaboration platforms we build ARE designed to handle these mission-critical documents...while also providing all the functionality you would get from off-the-shelf, consumer-grade productivity and communication apps.

Your organization needs a more appropriate and serious solution for remote working! 

  • Maintain telepresent remote team collaboration.
  • Distribute important information and documents automatically.
  • Adhere to and maintain document compliance standards that meet all industry and government requirements.
  • Capture info wherever it resides within your IT environment and automatically route it wherever it needs to go.
  • Using AI/machine learning capabilities, you'll be able to automate menial or repetitive, but important, business processes—which will allow your people to focus on more important tasks.
  • Get best-in-class document security with definable access controls, centralized storage, audit trails, and streamlined search and retrieval.
  • Capture and integrate data more effectively into your decision-making processes.
  • Go fully paperless or near-paperless, which will save costs and enhance your efficiency and productivity.
  • Get fast, high capacity scanning service where we do all the work for you—or we can provide you the equipment and support to do it yourself!
  • Locate, access, capture, and utilize digital information anywhere in your IT architecture.

Hey, what if it worked so well, you could get rid of your office? It does work that well.

The coronavirus pandemic is a complicated problem—but the solution to keep your business running during this difficult time is not!  

Solutions start at just $300! If you’d like to learn more, please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch soon! OR just give us a call at 317.899.9304!